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About Sloan Boutique

Sloan Boutique - Charlotte NC

Perfectly placed in historic Dilworth, nestled between uptown and south Charlotte, Sloan opened her doors to Charlotte’s mall weary, but fashion hungry citizens in May 2000. We began with the perfect styles to create the eclectic looks that clients were seeking, but soon discovered that recommending the right shop to find the perfect shoe to finish the look was often difficult. Adding a designer shoe selection in 2002 solved the problem and created the opportunity to dress clients from head to toe. Another chance to expand our selection arrived in 2006, when longtime Myers Park jewelry store, Montanna, needed a new home for their fantastic jewelry pieces. Sloan was a natural fit and that trifecta – clothing, shoes and accessories provided us the opportunity to become the “one stop shop” boutique you find today. It’s a fantastic experience to have the opportunity to guide your look from beginning to end and it’s a benefit Sloan is proud to offer.

Courtney Sloan & Jill Sloan Pleune


First we fell in love with fashion, then we fell in love with Charlotte – and we’ve never looked back. We always dreamed of owning a shop together and after graduating college, we set out for the Southeast to scout locations. When our plane landed in the Queen City, we knew we’d found our new home. Charlotte was full of potential and promise, with a vibe that completely matched our ambitions. We didn’t have connections or family to rely on, but we had each other and the combined strength of five generations of entrepreneurs reminding us that business is in our blood. We set out to make our dream come true.

As sisters, we’re often of two different minds, but having different strengths has benefitted our business relationship. With one sister left-brained and the other right, we discovered that together we’re just the right mix of creativity and practicality. One thing we’ve always agreed on is that delivering personal, professional service and building long term customer relationships is central to the heart of Sloan. And it’s our passion to present timeless contemporary fashion, carefully curated to meet your needs from casual to cocktail, which allows us to unlock our doors every morning with a smile. Welcome to Sloan, we’re glad you’re here!

Fashion Influence: Our mother, Cathy Sloan. We may have grown up in small town, rural Decatur, Illinois, but our mother never fit the stereotype. Whether vacuuming the house or running errands, she was famous for her five inch heels and football games were cheered on in full length fur coats and high heel boots. We walk in her fashion footsteps, recognizing that she is still the ultimate diva.

Elizabeth “Bess” York

Sales Associate

Bess may be one of the youngest Sloan style mavens, but there’s no question that she is an old soul when it comes to fashion. While other girls her age were fascinated with pink, sparkles and all things faux, Bess was dreaming of owning a Madame Grès vintage evening gown, a Cartier panther brooch and Ferragamo spectator pumps. At 12, she saved her babysitting money and began subscribing to Vogue and W, and unless those editions were well hidden, she could count on her mom to “edit” any avant garde pictures she considered inappropriate.

Her love of classic, eclectic style was passed down from her Grandmother Goode who also gifted Bess with some of the most versatile and lasting fashion pieces that rotate throughout her current wardrobe. Remembered as a “lady who lunches… with an edge”, Grandmother Goode appreciated Escada and St. John suits, but still wore cut off shorts into her 60s – artfully paired with moccasins and a silk button down. She was also an avid traveler who often gifted Bess boho chic pieces from her many trips, including a Mexican wedding dress as a Christmas present. Bess brings this sensibility to her own shopping style and abstains from buying products “made in china”, preferring to stimulate North and South American and European trade and craftsmanship.

Classic is a mantra for Bess and she is drawn to pieces, especially wool and cashmere, which transcend trends. “Whenever I’m too broke to buy something new or can't afford a look I want, I delve into the "archives" of my closet and make skirts into dresses or do whatever it takes to switch it up. I try to stay away from super trends and still wear clothes I have from high school and college.” Altering clothing for the perfect fit is one of Bess’ unwavering tips for fashion success. “If you want to look chic and tailored it is best to spend the extra money to have a garment altered to fit your body. Buy big and alter to fit, almost nothing will be perfect straight off the rack.” What keeps Bess excited about sharing style with Charlotte? “I love coming to work because it's fulfilling to make other women look their best and to discover new ways of dressing”.

Style Influences: Daphne Guiness, Anna Wintour, Emmanuelle Alt, Kate Moss, Getty sisters

Favorite Sloan Styles: Michael Stars, James Perse, Velvet for t-shirts (always buy bigger size for great fit), Elliot denim (best ever!), Hoss Intropia, Black Halo and Hunter Dixon